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Two day sessions

Day 1


Check-in and Registration


Welcome to Inclusion by Design

Facilitators: Leslie M. Faerstein, Ed.D., LCSW, Executive Director and Stela Lupushor, Founder of

Facilitators: Leslie M. Faerstein, Ed.D., LCSW, Executive Director and Stela Lupushor, Founder of

Welcome to Inclusion by Design



Authentic Inclusion

Keynote: Frances West, Founder, Author, Public Speaker, Corporate/Startup Strategy Advisor, Faculty Instructor, Board Member, Former IBM Chief Accessibility Officer


The Next Step of Your Exciting Journey

Change can be hard, even when it’s what we want. Not knowing where or how to begin  can keep us stuck. During this dynamic workshop, attendees will participate in exercises that will help them identify and respond to roadblocks keeping them from taking the path to their desired career. Let the exciting journey begin! 



Leslie M. Faerstein, Ed.D., LCSW, Executive Director | 

and Paula Barrios Sanchez, MHRM, MA, SHRM-SCP, Founder | Positive Human Factor


Networking Lunch  


Making Brands Inclusive, By Design

Have a business or thinking of starting one? Curious about how you can be more inclusive with your products/experiences by making small design changes? If so, this workshop is for you. Inclusive design expert Fanny Krivoy will show us how decisions regarding typography, legibility and other design elements can make big impact on a product's accessibility for all types of consumers.

Facilitator: Fanny Krivoy, Founder | Studio Analogous


Transition Break

2:15 - 3:15

Digital World Demystified 

Women 50+…tell your story, your way. In today’s digital world, you can more easily control the message of where you’ve been and where you’re planning to go. Why not do it in a compelling way? During this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to keep your personal brand fresh with a bot-proof modern resume and a solid social media profile. (Please bring a laptop.)


Facilitator: Danielle Zeitlen Hughes, Strategic Copywriter | More Than Words


Transition Break


Get Your Mojo On

Despite demonstrated talent and proven success, many women 50+ lack the self-confidence necessary to achieve their potential. Some feel like imposters. This interactive workshop will address this issue and provide strategies to help participants appreciate their unique strengths and move from negative emotions to positive, practical actions.


Facilitators: Leslie M. Faerstein, Ed.D., LCSW,  Executive Director | 

Paula Barrios Sanchez, MHRM, MA, SHRM-SCP, Founder | Positive Human Factor


Networking Break  


Closing Session: Using Improv to Prepare for What's Next

Using improv exercises, we will explore and tackle some common concerns while interviewing and communicating in the working world. These exercises will address confidence boosting, learning to think on one's feet, adjusting to change, picking up on non-verbal cues, listening and ultimately realizing that there are no bad mistakes, only gifts that we can use in a positive way....all while having a lot of fun!




Kate DeFeo | Founder of FoHi Improv

Jamie Cummings | Actor/Writer/Director

Mandy Schmieder | Improv Teacher/Performer at The P.I.T.



Check-in and Registration


Welcome to Inclusion by Design


Leslie M. Faerstein, Ed.D., LCSW, Executive Director | 

Stela Lupushor, Founder |


The Gift of Aging

Companies make millions selling “anti-aging” products. The media glorifies youth. The message in our society is clear: aging should be feared and signs of aging should be vanquished. Yet, with age, we gain so much. Our experience is an asset, bringing immense value to the workplace.  Organizations need to recognize this and embrace the workplace changes necessary to hire and keep older workers.

Speaker: Ruth Finkelstein, ScD, Executive Director,

Brookdale Center on Aging | Hunter College


Expert Panel

What Do Organizations Want?

Consumer expectations are changing and the pace of change is accelerating. Organizations have strategies to execute, goals to accomplish, stakeholders to satisfy. They need talent to get things done, now. During this panel, we will get a better appreciation for the needs organizations have and insights into evolving workplace hiring and mobility practices.




Susan Chadick, CEO | Chadick Advisors

Binwa Sethi, Sr. Director and Talent Partner | ADP

Manon DeFelice, Founder and CEO | InkWell


Moderator: Bobbie Carlton, Founder of Carlton PR & Marketing, Innovation Nights and Innovation Women


Networking Break


Future of Work is Inclusive

Few companies include age in their diversity and inclusion strategy and even fewer have a plan to take advantage of multigenerational workforce. This session will take an in-depth look at how age is viewed in America and how companies can leverage the value of a multigenerational workforce and tap into resources to address age in their workplace programs. 



Speaker: Lori Trawinski, Age Diversity Thought Leader | AARP Public Policy Institute


Expert Panel 

What Do Employees Want - Does it Differ by Generations?

Boomer, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z and soon…Gen Alpha. We keep segmenting our population into categories that are seemingly so different in their expectations, behaviors and preferences. But are they that different? Join this multigenerational panel to explore the differences and similarities we share and why a multigenerational workplace is a thriving workplace.




Joy Allen-Altimare, Chief Engagement and Brand Officer | EHE Health

Charlotte Japp, Sr Creative at Live Nation | Founder at CIRKEL

Leslie Bains, former Senior Executive Vice President of HSBC 


Moderator: Claudio Garcia, EVP Strategy and Corporate Development, Lee Hecht Harrison


Networking Lunch


Expert Panel 

Join the Digital Revolution

In our culture, “digital” is often associated with youth. Younger generations, (“digital natives”) grew up with technology while older generations, (“digital immigrants”) grew familiar with technology, incorporating it into their lives. But does a divide really exist between generations or is it mostly imaginary?



Francesco Rulli, Forbes AI Solutions, Partner | CEO | Querlo

Bernadette Sheridan, Director, UX/UI Design | Fairygodboss

Tommy Wenzlau, Talent Leader | New Collar Initiative | IBM

Moderator: Ming Fang, Digital Ambassador | PwC


Expert Panel 

New Ways and Tools for Staying Current 

Skills are now obsolescent after 5 years and that number continues to drop. Getting a degree at the start of a career is no longer sufficient. Learning is now a lifelong endeavor. Fortunately, it’s not hard to do. Whether you want to learn a new skill, get certified or earn a degree, you can engage with any number of learning platforms from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule.  




Anne Kauth, Head Of Partnerships | Foundry College

Felicia Rubinstien, Founder| HAYVN

Ashley Ater Kranov, Ph.D. Executive Director, The Quorum Initiative

Jenny Blake, the author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One and host of the Pivot podcast


Moderator: Amy Armitage, CEO | Nexus Peer Groups


Networking Break


Shhh…Your Secret Power is Your Age

Age is not a barrier or a limiting factor keeping you from pursuing your dreams. Your experience and wisdom are assets you can use to open doors to new possibilities. Join this interactive workshop to gain practical skills on how to fine-tune your story or “pitch” so you can confidently go after interviews, entrepreneurial ventures, investor presentations, speaking opportunities or networking. Come away with pitch-perfect confidence!



Facilitator: Precious L. Williams, CEO | Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC




Closing Comments

Dr. Leslie M. Faerstein, Executive Director |

Stela Lupushor, Founder |


Reception and celebration

OCTOBER 28-29,2019

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